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Company's official website: www.jxtlj.cn

Business address: Jing Xing Town, Longjiang County, Qigihar, Heilongjiang

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1100490830 (Jingxi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)


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Longjiang Jingxi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. innovates in design and creates high-quality products. "Because of its specialty, it is excellent." Longjiang Jingxi is based on the current situation, with a long-term perspective, adhering to the production and management concept of "innovation, development, survival with quality, win the world with sincerity", steadily seeking truth from facts, and intensive processing and quality of enterprise products. Control, test and testing, commissioning and installation technology have all been raised to a new level, and new leaps are being made in management, quality, production scale and service level.

"Choose Jingxi, surprise you" company will rely on science and technology, dare to explore, continue to develop new products, actively pursue the quality of eternal, first-class technology, good management, sincerely work with the majority of users to create a better tomorrow.




1. Enterprise objectives: to achieve new leaps in management, quality, scale of production and level of service, and strive to promote the sustainable development of standardization.

2, enterprise mission: wholeheartedly serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and strive to contribute to the development of county economy.

3, the spirit of enterprise: innovative design, create fine products.

4, enterprise policy: striving for excellence and creating first-class

5, quality policy: quality refinement, product innovation, strict management, and good service.

6, business philosophy: seek development through innovation, survive by quality and win the world with integrity.

7, corporate slogan: excellence because of professionalism.