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Three pack service voucher


I. important contents

1. In order to make better use of the machine and give full play to its superior performance, please read the Instructions carefully.

2. For the sake of personal and property safety of you and others, please read and strictly abide by the safety rules in the instructions! uuuuuuuuuu

3. Please leave your exact name, address and telephone number after purchasing our products, so that we can provide you with high quality and timely service! uuuuuuuuuuuu

4. When you need three packages of services, please present the three packages of service vouchers, purchase invoices and product certificates at the same time.

5. This Handbook is one machine and one book, which can not be replaced if lost, and can not be lent or altered. Otherwise, it may affect your enjoyment of the normal three-pack service! uuuuuuuu

Two or three pack service provision

1. The basis for the compilation of the provisions.

(1) the PRC quality of domestic product law:

(2) provisions on liability for repair, replacement and return of agricultural machinery products

2, three package service principle

(1) who sells and who serves;

(2) it can be repaired, repaired and repaired.

(3) During the busy period of agriculture, because of the quality problems, the same parts can not meet the requirements of use after two repairs, replacement of new parts with old ones.

(4) replace damaged parts only when replacing, and do not change the assembly at will.

(5) a special agreement shall be executed according to the agreement between the parties.

3, three package deadline

(1) the period of three packages;

The whole machine has three packages for one year. Main parts: rollers, concave plates, frames, fans, power transmission devices and crank drive mechanisms.

General parts three months: (one operation season)

Normal wear parts and vulnerable parts are not allowed to be three bales.

A special agreement shall be executed according to the agreement between the parties.

(2) calculation of the period of three packages.

(1) the time limit for the three packages is calculated from the date of purchase by the user.

(2) For the products purchased by hand, three packages of treatment shall be enjoyed on the basis of the original certificate of the product and the relevant three packages of certificates. The three package period is calculated from the original date.

(3) For those who can not provide valid certificates to prove the purchase time and the distribution unit, the calculation shall start from the date of the machine's factory.

4, product quality three package range

(1) Within the valid three-package period, all the products manufactured by our factory shall be correctly operated, maintained and maintained by the users in strict accordance with the requirements of the product instructions, and the parts and components damaged due to the quality reasons identified by the Technical Identification Committee shall be treated in three-package according to the regulations.

(2) if the buyer and seller have any special agreement, they shall be executed according to the agreement between the two parties.

5, according to the relevant regulations of the state, there are no three packages under the following circumstances.

(1) Early wear and failure due to improper use, maintenance and maintenance of users or beyond the scope of use specified in the instructions.

(2) Faults caused by users'self-disassembly, adjustment and refitting of parts not allowed to be disassembled, adjusted and refitted by users in the Instructions for Use.

(3) there is no three package voucher, and it can not prove that the product belongs to the failure of the three package within the validity period.

(4) The product model specifications on the three-package certificates do not conform to the product model specifications of the three-package requirements, or the relevant certificates have been altered.

(5) failing to maintain the original state of damage after the failure occurs, or failing to obtain the consent of the seller or the repairman to dispose of the failure by oneself, which prevents the technical identification of the cause of the failure.

(6) the secondary fault caused by failure to be processed in time and continued to be used.

(7) failure caused by driving or operating personnel failing to train according to law and obtaining driver's license or operation certificate.

(8) Traffic accidents and safety accidents caused by improper driving and operation, losses caused and malfunctions caused.

(9) failure caused by the use of parts which are not original parts.

(10) damage caused by force majeure.