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Inspection method of corn thresher

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Inspection method of corn thresher

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Corn thresher is a kind of agricultural equipment used to separate corn and corn stalk. The emergence of corn thresher greatly reduces the human and material resources of related industries, reduces labor costs and improves labor efficiency. Next, the inspection method of corn thresher is introduced by the manufacturer of Jing Xi brand corn thresher.

1, speed choice

The speed of thresher should not be too fast. It should be used according to the speed specified in the manual, and the speed should not be increased arbitrarily. Generally, the wheat is 28-32 M / sec, the indica rice is 24-26 M / s, and the japonica rice is 26-30 M / s. If the speed is too high, it will not take off quickly. On the contrary, there will be adverse situations such as serious grain breakage, shortened service life of the machine and increased unsafe factors. The matching motor or diesel engine should be installed according to the requirements or the signs on the machine, and the appropriate belt pulley should be equipped, and the reverse direction should not be installed. Fan rotated pulley can not be reversed, otherwise it will affect the cleanliness of the grain.

2. Correct operation

When threshing, continuous and uniform feeding should be carried out. If the feeding amount is too large, the drum load will be too large, the rotational speed will be reduced, the net removal rate and productivity will be reduced, the grain entrained by the stalk will be increased, and the threshing quality will be reduced, which will result in blockage, shutdown and machine damage in serious cases. The feed volume is too small, the productivity is low, sometimes it will also affect the net removal rate. In fact, they are mutually restrictive. If you want to get rid of it, the breakage rate will rise, productivity will drop and energy consumption will increase. Safer practices for corn thresher

Now with the continuous improvement of industrial level, the use of corn thresher is more and more widespread, I believe you are not unfamiliar with the corn thresher, the following corn thresher manufacturers will introduce to you about the use of corn thresher some of the points of attention.

1. The output of corn thresher is very high, so we must pay attention to maintenance in the use process, bearing must be refueled once a day.

2. Corn threshers are all field operations. After each day's work, dust must be cleaned before leaving work. Especially near bearings and motors, dust must not be buried in order to avoid burning motors.

3. In the process of using corn thresher, it is strictly forbidden to mix bricks and stones. Otherwise, the hopper of drum and hoist will be damaged.

I believe that through the explanations of Jingxi Brand Corn Thresher Manufacturer, you will have a deeper understanding of how to use the Corn Thresher. If you have more questions, you can go to our official website of Corn Thresher Manufacturer "http://www.jxtlj.cn" for consultation.

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