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The safe operation rule of corn threshing machine operation principle of corn thresher

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The safe operation rule of corn threshing machine operation principle of corn thresher

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Safe operation rules for corn thresher:

(1) operators should not wear large baggy clothes or skirts. Women must put their hair up. (2) Children are not allowed to visit or touch the corn thresher at the maize threshing airport without adult care. Do not organize old and weak people to do the work of feeding in order to prevent accidents. (3) When the corn thresher is working or has not been stopped completely, it is forbidden to touch the working parts of the machine by hand. Except for the parts that the rules must be adjusted only in the working state of the machine, all adjustments, maintenance and repairs must be carried out in the future when the machine is completely stopped working. (4) when night threshing, there must be a complete electric lighting device to stop the use of open flames. (5) stop overspeeding and overload operation. (6) not to remove the safety shield, stop the starting machine before the safety shield is installed. (7) when the corn thresher is working, stop someone from standing on the threshing machine. (8) without the consent of the person in charge, no one shall ban starting machinery. (9) it is not allowed to unload the drive belt while working. (10) when a machine breaks down, it should stop immediately to repair the disease. (11) to stop mechanical operation. (12) do not allow operators to work weary. (13) not allowed to operate machinery after drinking. Prohibit smoking and ignition in threshing places. (14) during work, the safety gap between the hand and the nail roller should be paid attention to.

In the future, corn threshing machine can be operated in an accurate way. Points for attention in operation of corn thresher

The operation principle of corn thresher

When the corn thresher is in operation, the corn is fed by the inlet port, the corn is bumped in the high-speed rotating rotor and drum, the corn grain is separated from the sieve hole, the corn cob is discharged from the tail of the corn thresher, the corn silk and the skin are discharged from the tuyere. The feed inlet is arranged on the upper part of the machine cover, and the corn cob enters the threshing chamber through the feed inlet. In the threshing chamber, the corn grains are knocked down by a high-speed rotating rotor. The corn grains are separated through the sieve holes, and there is a baffle in the front and lower part of the feed inlet to avoid splashing of falling corn grains. The threshing power of maize thresher is determined by the length and diameter of the drum. Users can choose this series of maize threshers reasonably according to their own threshing power. The pin teeth on the rotor are fragile parts. The wear condition of the pin teeth should be checked frequently. When the pin teeth are worn out by a quarter, the new pin teeth can be corrected or replaced by welding. If the new pin teeth are corrected and replaced, it is necessary to revise or replace all the pin teeth in order to ensure the balance of the rotor. The screen is a fragile part, such as a broken screen. Please replace the new screen.

In addition, users should pay attention to the following points when using corn thresher:

First, carefully read the instructions before use, especially the illustrations of the safety details and the safety warning signs in the instructions, we must be familiar with them, and we should specially teach and train the coordinators who participate in the manipulation.

2. Maize threshers should be sheltered and maintained in accordance with the provisions of the application instructions. During the off-duty period, rust-proof and anticorrosive steps should be taken to delay the service life of the threshers as much as possible.

3. Before each boot-up, we must check whether all the safety protective devices, such as protective shields and protective panels, are properly arranged. We must not boot-up in the environment where high-speed alterations are exposed.

4. If the corn thresher flashes faults or abnormal sounds in the working process, it is necessary to cut off the power source immediately. After all the conspiratorial parts of the rigid system stop rolling, they can reliably start to look at it. They must not look at the faults or eliminate the accidents without stopping the machine.

5. All personnel involved in the work and those close to the work thresher should not wear clothes with wide sleeves. Workers with long hair should wear suitable hats in case of accidents. Beware of clothes and pants and hair involvement in the work thresher.

6. Operators should be familiar with the working conditions and application scope of threshers, and work under the applicable conditions as far as possible, otherwise it will be easy to flashover rigid defects or the threshing results can not meet the begging and other questions. Do you know anything about the operation of corn thresher?

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