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Corn threshing machine before work check corn thresher classification

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Corn threshing machine before work check corn thresher classification

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Check corn thresher before work.

1, check the components should be in good condition, if found fault, should be eliminated in time. Check the fastness of each component's screw inspection. If there is any loosening, use the tool to tighten it.

2. Clean up the maize grains left over from the last operation, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine, and inject lubricant or oil into rotating parts such as bearings regularly to maintain the normal operation of bearings.

After work check:

1. After the corn thresher is finished, check the bolt's strength and maintain the machine. After each operation, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out. If there are damaged or worn parts, timely maintenance or replacement of new parts can ensure the normal use of the next work, early detection and early elimination.

2. After maintenance and repair, the machine should be thoroughly cleaned inside and outside and placed in a dry and ventilated room. Machines should not be placed directly on the ground to avoid damp. If the paint is off, it should be brushed in time. The paint free parts should be coated with antirust oil. Matters needing attention in routine maintenance of corn thresher

There are many kinds of corn threshing machines, which can be classified according to the following criteria:

First, according to threshing way, it can be divided into core corn threshing machine and corn core threshing machine. The rotten corn thresher crushes the corn cob during threshing, and then separates the corn kernels through air selection and other procedures. The working principle of the non-rotten cob corn thresher is threshing through the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the impact of the drum. It is an economical threshing equipment widely used at present. It has many advantages, such as small size, light weight, installation, operation, simple maintenance and high production efficiency.

2. According to the power, it can be divided into manual corn thresher, electric corn thresher, mechanical power (such as diesel engine) corn thresher. Manual corn thresher is a simple corn threshing equipment, manual operation; electric corn thresher uses motor as power, household 220V power supply can be operated, easy to use, energy saving and environmental protection; mechanical power corn thresher is suitable for use in places without power supply.

3. According to the number of inlet and outlet, it can be divided into single-tube maize thresher, double-tube maize thresher, four-tube maize thresher and multi-tube maize thresher. Yongzhou Sanxiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly promotes a small double-tube corn thresher, which has the advantages of high threshing efficiency, energy saving and affordable price, and is deeply loved by users. Shunhuang brand four-tube vertical corn thresher, whose feeding hopper is our company's invention patent, has the advantage of batch feeding without clogging.

4. According to the scale, it can be divided into mini-corn thresher, mini-corn thresher and large-scale corn thresher. Our company's corn threshers are small corn threshers, the main push of the new double-tube corn thresher, can thresh more than 1.5 tons per hour, with a high cost-effective. Types of corn thresher

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