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A corn thresher is used to separate corn from corncob. This machine is corn thresher.

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A corn thresher is used to separate corn from corncob. This machine is corn thresher.

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After maize peeling from the field, after a period of air-drying and drying, after removing the moisture in the maize, the maize and the corncob are separated by the maize thresher. This machine is the maize thresher. Its working principle is that when the maize thresher is threshing, the nail teeth and the nail teeth of the rotating motion of the nail tooth roller are used. The clearance between screens matches each other, which makes the corn thresher pull down, the kneading between the nail-tooth drum and the screen, and separates the corn kernels from the corn cob. With the help of other mechanical mechanisms, the corn kernels and the corn cob are discharged from two different outlets, the kernels are separated from the screen hole, and the corn cob is discharged from the tail of the machine. Discharge, corn silk and dandruff from the draught. The work and storage of corn thresher.

Inspection of corn thresher before work

1, check the components should be in good condition, if found fault, should be eliminated in time. Check the fastness of each component's screw inspection. If there is any loosening, use the tool to tighten it.

2. Clean up the maize grains left over from the last operation, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine, and inject lubricant or oil into rotating parts such as bearings regularly to maintain the normal operation of bearings. Preparation of corn thresher

After work check:

1. After the corn thresher is finished, check the bolt's strength and maintain the machine. After each operation, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out. If there are damaged or worn parts, timely maintenance or replacement of new parts can ensure the normal use of the next work, early detection and early elimination.

2. After maintenance and repair, the machine should be thoroughly cleaned inside and outside and placed in a dry and ventilated room. Machines should not be placed directly on the ground to avoid damp. If the paint is off, it should be brushed in time. The paint free parts should be coated with antirust oil.

At present, large-scale maize threshing devices have gradually developed, which can produce large-scale threshing, but those large-scale machinery is more suitable for large-scale farms, grain stations and other production areas. For the general peasant families, however, most of them still stay in artificial threshing, and have not embarked on the road of mechanized production. This is not only inefficient production, but also the physical and mental fatigue of peasant friends. To this end, the design of small household corn thresher is very important for our country at this stage. It can not only improve the economic efficiency of farmers' friends, but also make the development of mechanization in China a step further. On the premise of combining the professional knowledge of four years in university, I have studied and analyzed the subject of small household maize thresher, and designed the small household maize thresher in the following scheme. The design principle of this scheme is roughly as follows: when maize thresher is threshing, nail tooth hobbing is used. The clearance between the nail teeth of the rotary motion of the cylinder and the grid concave plate matches each other, so that the corn grains are dragged down (the kneading effect between the nail drum and the grid concave plate separates the corn grains from the corn cob, and the corn grains and the corn cobs are discharged from the two different outlets by other mechanical mechanisms, and threshed repeatedly. For packing - threshing - discharging the body's circulation process. The investment cost of this machine is not high, the structure is compact and simple, but the practicability is very strong. It can really enter every farmer's home and become their right assistant.

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