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Structural analysis of Jing Xi brand corn thresher

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Structural analysis of Jing Xi brand corn thresher

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The overall structure of small corn thresher is divided into:

Feeding part:

The feeding inlet is connected with the upper cover of a small corn thresher. It is made of a centimeter thick iron plate. The feeding part is tangent to the nail tooth part of the nail tooth drum. The skinned corn enters from the feeding port and slides down to the threshing part, i.e. between the nail tooth drum and the grid concave plate, to thresh. Click to view the price of the hopper in the Jing Xi brand threshing machine.


Threshing part of automatic corn thresher:

The threshing part is mainly composed of nail roller, grid concave plate and semicircle upper cover. Corn ears are threshed between the nail-tooth drum and the grid-shaped concave plate, and the corn grains are dropped from the gap of the grid-shaped concave plate to the slide plate. The corn cob is discharged from the body by the silo mouth. With the help of the spiral thrust and spiral guidance of the screw teeth arranged on the drum, the corn cob is moved from the other end of the intake port (i.e., the discharging port). Mouth out of the body. Grille gravure for Jing Xi brand threshing machine


Screening part:

The screening part is mainly accomplished by a grid-type concave plate, which consists of a certain number of iron bars, two main beams and two auxiliary beams. The gap between each two iron bars can trap the corn, and then the fast-rotating nail-tooth drum will forcibly thresh the stuck corn. Of course, the grid-type will be used when working or installing. The concave plate is fixed. After corn threshing, the corn grains pass through the grid concave plate, leak out from the gap of the concave plate, and slide out of the body along the inclined slide plate. The purpose is to separate the corn and the corncob

Rack part:

The frame is composed of the left frame, the right frame, the outlet, the slide board and the stable and strong main beam. The frame is the main support of the small corn thresher. It bears the main weight, power, load and moment of the small corn thresher. Therefore, its design is a strong part. The two parts of the frame should be stable and relatively fixed so that the machine will not sway and skew during operation, causing personal danger. Therefore, in order to strengthen the frame, the design of this small corn thresher is made of angle iron with a thickness of 3 mm.

In general design, in order to optimize the model and structure design of the small corn thresher, the small corn thresher is driven by electric power, and the motor is also energy-saving. The motor is installed in the lower part of the small corn thresher and fixed with the lower beam of the shelf of the thresher. The space occupied by the motor can be saved. From feeding to threshing to separating corn kernels and corncobs, and finally discharging corn kernels and corncobs out of the body, the small corn thresher completes in one. Its greatest advantage is that it can complete several people's labor intensity in a short time, thus improving work efficiency and saving labor time. In addition to these advantages, this small corn thresher has high safety performance, high efficiency, durability, simple structure and easy maintenance and maintenance.

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