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Corn threshing machine and flexible threshing cylinder

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Corn threshing machine and flexible threshing cylinder

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technical field

The invention relates to a threshing cylinder and a corn threshing machine comprising the threshing cylinder.

Background technology

Corn is one of the most widely distributed crops in China. With the development of modern agriculture, the planting area of corn is getting larger and larger. In order to thresh corn cob, corn thresher or large-scale corn thresher are widely used to thresh corn cob quickly, so corn threshing equipment starts in corn production. Is playing a more and more important role.

When threshing corn cob with corn thresher equipment, the corn cob enters from the feeding device, and then is transferred to the threshing drum through the feeding device. The corn cob is kneaded and threshed by the roll body in the threshing drum, the threshing block and the concave plate set around the roll body, and the corn is threshed while threshing. On the one hand, it can peel corn quickly, on the other hand, it can continuously discharge corn cob peeled corn from the throwing device, from threshing to discharging cob are all automated, which greatly improves the efficiency of corn threshing. More details should be made when selecting threshing machines.

(Jingxi brand 5TY - 95 * 2A)

However, although the corn thresher can be used to separate the corn kernels from the corn cob at a faster speed, the corn kernels will remain on the corn cob after threshing, and the net removal rate is relatively low. In order to improve the maize threshing rate, the distance between the threshing drum and the concave plate in the maize threshing device is often reduced. Although the clearance rate is improved, because the distance is reduced, the maize moves slowly on the threshing drum and the maize threshing speed decreases; moreover, the maize breakage rate increases, while the original feeding device snails. Too large blade edges and corners, too fast feeding speed, lead to the increase of maize damage rate, follow the maize into a large number of dust, maize leaves, snow can not be separated, because too much impurities are easy to plug the concave plate. Nodular cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron and rubber internal steel frame are all used as kneading and threshing claws in the world at present. Because of the rubbing effect of steel threshing claws on ears of corn, corn grains are seriously damaged. Rubber products can reduce the damage rate but not wear-resistant. Corn grains that can not separate impurities are not easy to preserve, and damaged corn grains also increase the probability of mildew. These problems become more and more obvious with the increasing humidity of corn. Do you know anything about the operation of corn thresher?

summary of the invention

The invention aims to solve the above problems, and provides a threshing drum and a corn threshing equipment which can improve the corn degrading rate and reduce the corn breakage rate.

The invention provides a threshing drum, which is arranged in the corn threshing equipment between the feeding device and the throwing device, and is used for threshing corn. The drum has the following characteristics: a roller body; and a plurality of high strength thermo-melt elastomer threshing blocks arranged on the surface of the roller body, and two groups of screw-tooth propelling assemblies. Set. Among them, a plurality of high-strength hot-melt elastomer threshing blocks include a plurality of square threshing blocks with square cross-section and trapezoidal threshing blocks with trapezoidal cross-section, square threshing blocks, trapezoidal threshing blocks and two groups of screw propellers arranged on the surface of the roll body in at least one predetermined arrangement. The two predetermined spiral line.

In the threshing drum provided by the present invention, the threshing drum can also have the following characteristics: a plurality of square threshing blocks, a plurality of high strength thermomelt elastomer trapezoidal threshing blocks and two sets of nail-tooth screw propulsion devices are arranged on each helix in a arranged manner, and each square threshing block and a trapezoidal threshing block of high strength thermomelt elastomer are arranged on each helix. Arranged in different locations, two groups of screw-tooth propellers are welded on the symmetrical spiral line at the front of the drum.

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