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How can threshing machine be unthreshing?

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How can threshing machine be unthreshing?

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The emergence of maize thresher makes people no longer need to thresh maize by hand. Large-scale maize thresher can be used with ease. Then, corn threshing machine threshing is not clean how to do, introduce the solution!

1, reduce the feeding rate of corn thresher and feed evenly.

2, properly adjust the threshing clearance of corn threshing machine and replace the worn parts seriously.

3. The belt pulley of the power machine of the corn thresher should cooperate fairly with the belt pulley of the thresher. The belt pulley slips and rotates. The tension pulley should be adjusted in time to tighten the belt so as to ensure the threshing clean.

4, for the straw over wet grain should be appropriate ventilation, drying and then threshing.

We find that some pilots never inspect and maintain parts of certain parts, always think that they will not have any problems, as long as the parts are not bad, they will continue to use, and even there will be a dead angle in the maintenance of agricultural machinery. As a result, once the key time of using agricultural machinery in the busy farm is often prone to failure. For example, maize threshers and other agricultural tools, there are dead corners in maintenance, why does this happen? There are three main reasons.

First, some parts are hidden, which are difficult to detect with naked eyes. Rubber tube desquamation is the case. One farm car emitted black smoke and was unable to work, which was caused by the peeling of the inner intake pipe. Another wheel tractor engine had a high water temperature and a low power. The result proved that the curtain cloth inside the radiator rubber tube had fallen off and blocked the circulating water channel. The rubber hose is better than the pure rubber hose because it intertwined multi ply cord in the hose. During the working process, the thin rubber layer on the inner wall of the rubber pipe is easy to fall off because of long-term hot water or air flow, which is like a movable valve, making the cross-section of the pipe smaller and hindering the flow of circulating water or air, thus forming the above fault.

Two, some failures are caused by the gradual failure of some parts. The softening of spring and the formation of scale of cooling system are the cases. The softening of spring, such as valve spring, speed regulating spring, oil outlet valve spring and clutch spring, will seriously affect the normal operation of locomotive. Many pilots think that the cooling system scale has little effect on the engine work, and the cleaning and maintenance work is more troublesome, so they do not care about it. However, after scale formation in cooling system, it is easy to cause overheating due to poor thermal conductivity, resulting in a decline in power and economy.

Three, we believe too much in the precision of parts, so we ignore the inspection before installation. For example, if these clearances are too small, it is easy to cause the piston ring to be stuck or broken.

Jingxi thresher manufacturer reminds the operator that in the daily maintenance work, we must strengthen the inspection and maintenance of all parts of agricultural machinery, leaving no dead corners, and remove any suspicious points when troubleshooting.

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