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The damage form of the machine in the custody of the corn threshing machine

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The damage form of the machine in the custody of the corn threshing machine

Date of release:2018-11-16 Author: Click:

Damage form of automatic corn threshing machine during storage period

Mildew: corn threshing machines are mainly textile products, such as corn thresher, canvas conveyor belt and so on. For such products, they should be cleaned and dried and stored in indoor dry areas to prevent pests and rodents.

Aging: Rubber parts are prone to aging and deterioration due to the effect of oxygen in the air and ultraviolet rays in the sun, which makes the elasticity of rubber parts worse and easier to break.

Corrosion and rupture of wood parts due to the role of microorganisms, as well as rain, wind, sunshine and decay, rupture.

Deformation: some parts produce plastic deformation due to long-term stress or improper placement. Such as springs, belts, long poles, tires and so on.

Corroded metals are corroded by oxygen and water vapor in the air. Corrosion is the most harmful to the surface of parts and thin steel sheets with thickness of 1-1.50 mm. For example, the corrosion depth of thin steel sheets placed in open air can reach 0.10-0.22 mm in one year, which will be discarded in a few years. Rust also has certain hazards to shape steel, especially thin parts, low parts, easy to be dampened and accumulated water. Corrosion is very harmful to iron castings.

Others: damp of electrical equipment, self discharge of battery, etc.

Safekeeping measures

The fields, sheds and storehouses should be kept clean. In the open air, the machines or tools are used to remove the rust.

Machines should be discontinued and should be carefully examined, cleaned and maintained. Damaged parts should be repaired or replaced in time.

The working surface of metal parts should be coated with antirust oil, of which the antirust effect of paraffin oil is better. Thin steel plate, section steel and wooden parts should be painted. There are two kinds of paints: primer and primer. The primers and parts are firmly joined. There are many kinds of paints with different anti-rust and anti-corrosion effects, so they should be selected reasonably according to the use conditions of components.

Remove perishable and damp proof parts for warehousing. Cotton products, electrical equipment and so on should be placed in dry places. Rubber products should be placed indoors in direct sunlight or outside. Batteries are expensive and long term storage is easy to be scrapped. They should be charged regularly.

There are many kinds of corn threshers, including small drum electric corn thresher, medium-sized automatic corn thresher and large corn thresher. The threshing effect is good, the efficiency is high, the use is safe and convenient, widely receives the dealer and the farmer friend's consistent high praise.

Corn thresher, the main working part is the rotor installed on the machine, threshing through the high-speed rotation of the rotor and the impact of the drum. When working, the corn is fed by the inlet port, the corn is impacted in the high-speed rotating rotor and drum, the seeds are separated from the sieve hole, the corn cob is discharged from the tail of the machine, and the corn silk and skin are discharged from the tuyere. The feed inlet is arranged on the upper part of the machine cover, and the corn cob enters the threshing chamber through the feed inlet. In the threshing chamber, the corn grains fall off when impacted by a high-speed rotating rotor. The corn grains are separated through the sieve hole. A baffle is arranged at the front and lower part of the feed inlet to prevent the corn grains from splashing and hurting people.

Because the core texture of maize is hard, and the links between the kernel and the heart become loose when the corn is ripe. It is easy to fall off after the blade on the transmission shaft is rotated and collided at high speed. In addition, the spiral structure of the blade can make the core of maize discharged smoothly, and the sieve can make the corn grain filtered clean, so the maize thresher achieves high efficiency. Energy saving performance.

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