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A small trick for threshing machine to save fuel and the advantages of corn harvester

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A small trick for threshing machine to save fuel and the advantages of corn harvester

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The emergence of corn threshers has improved the development of agriculture and agricultural productivity, but many people do not know exactly how corn threshers work.

The fuel supply system of corn thresher includes two parts: low-pressure oil circuit and high-pressure oil circuit. The cylinder of diesel engine sucks air when it works. When the compression stroke is near the top dead point of compression, diesel oil is sprayed into the cylinder by the injector in the form of mist and mixed with high-temperature and high-pressure gas, which is called combustible mixture and combustible mixture. The smaller the oil droplets and the more homogeneous air mixing, the greater the quality of the mixture. The quality of the mixture is mainly determined by the spray quality of the injector, the swirling mass of the air entering the cylinder and the shape of the combustion chamber. Having said so much, I believe you have some knowledge about the fuel supply system of corn thresher. Finally, the engine must install air filters to protect the air in the cylinder.

Automatic corn thresher is the trend of agricultural development, and better avoid the waste of labor.

Corn thresher has many advantages such as low price, high threshing efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. However, in the process of using, we must pay attention to the safety of electricity.

1, use standard wire and socket. The motor, power cord and plug used in Xingmin small corn thresher are all in conformity with the national safety standards. However, some users'home wires are not up to standard, the diameter of the wires is too thin, or the skin is damaged, which may cause potential safety hazards. For outdoor use, waterproof and wearable rubber sheathed cables are best used for power lines.

2, do not overload. The new dual tube corn thresher is equipped with a motor 1.1KW and the working current is about 5A. Normally, the rated current of household socket is 10A, which can be up to two corn thresher. So do not plug multiple corn thresher into one socket.

3, users need to know the location of the main switch. Once the problem is detected, the main switch should be disconnected immediately.

4. Do not use wet hands to plug and unplug plugs. Do not touch fingers or other conductive objects, test power sockets or motor interior.

5, corn thresher should be removed after use. When pulling out the plug, do not pull the wires hard to prevent breakage or insulation damage. If the insulation of the wire is damaged, replace the new line in time or wrap it with insulating tape.

6, do not disassemble corn thresher at will. If there is any failure, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Please contact the after-sales service staff in time.

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