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Jing Xi brand 5TY - 95 x 2A

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Jing Xi brand 5TY - 95 x 2A

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Jing Xi brand 5TY - 95 x 2A technical parameters:

Outline size (length * width * height) mm

6300 x 2600 x 5850 (operation status)

7400 x 2600 x 3200 (transport state)

Productivity: 18000~25000 (kg/h)

Structure quality: 3050kg

Matching power: more than 24KW

The improvement and advantages of Jing Xi brand 5TY - 95 x 2A type (power and Landline):

1. Additional observation ports on both sides of the main screen are convenient for observing the internal condition of the main screen and cleaning up impurities.

2. The inclined design of the main cleaning screen can effectively improve the movement track of corn particles in the cleaning screen, balance the force of the cleaning screen and the sieve crane on both sides, and prolong the service life of the machine.

3. Corn pulp thrown out by threshing drum is transported to the core thrower through the agitator conveyor. Corn particles entrained by the corn pulp are further recovered during the transportation process to reduce the wrapping of the corn pulp; the belt pulley of the agitator is increased and the rotational speed is increased, so that the distance of the corn cob thrown is farther.

4. The machine is equipped with a grain reclaimer. When the suction fan is too windy, the sucked grain is blocked in the grain distributor and returned to the main screen to avoid waste.

5. The end cap of the spindle bearing of the threshing drum is equipped with an oil filling pipe, which can inject oil into the spindle bearing on the outside, avoiding disassembly, facilitating operation and saving time and effort.

6. The eccentric design of the threshing spindle and the threshing drum is adopted to form a variable threshing space, which can effectively improve the movement effect of roll and collision in the threshing space and improve the cleanliness rate of maize.

7. The thickness of concave plate of threshing spindle increases from 5.5 mm to 7.5 mm. Hot rolled steel plate of high quality carbon structural steel is used to make it more durable and prolong service life.

8. The bottom fencing plate of the lower feeding hopper of the hoist has mesh holes, which can make the grain cleaner and cleaner, and further reduce the impurity content of the grain.

9. The increase of the hydraulic support cylinder of the hoist makes the hoist take-off and landing more stable and reliable, the operation is simple and fast, and the operation efficiency is improved.

10. The high and low adjusting device on the top of the hoist bracket is further improved, which makes the upper and lower adjusting of the hoist more convenient and fast.

11. Diesel engine uses turbocharged diesel engine with strong horsepower, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

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