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Jing Xi brand 5TY - 190z medium

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Jing Xi brand 5TY - 190z medium

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  • Date of release:2018/11/16
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Jing Xi brand 5TY - 190z medium technical parameters:

Outline size (length * width * height) mm

6500 x 2700 x 5700 (operation status)

7600 x 2700 x 3450 (transport state)

Productivity: more than 25000 (kg/h)

Structure quality: 5500kg

Matching power: more than 40KW

The improvement and advantages of Jing Xi brand 5TY - 190 (power and Landline):

1. Additional suction and separation device for thresher (design patent): The volute blower is installed at the front end of the main screen, and its connected, angle and height adjustable blower is located at the upper part of the main screen; the main suction blower is located near the rear side of the main screen, and suction cooperates with the front blower device, which can effectively solve the problem of corn velvet and jade. Impurities such as rice leaf clogging the screen piece, remove manual cleaning steps and improve work efficiency.

2. Increase the side observation port of the main screen and change it to the same side so that the operator can observe and clean up the internal situation of the main screen more conveniently and quickly. The three and four layers of the main screen are changed from screens to screens to improve the recovery rate of corn grains and increase economic income.

3. The area of the main suction fan's suction outlet is enlarged, the air volume is increased, the effect of absorbing impurities and dust is more remarkable; the core thrower is facing the suction outlet with adjustable height, which can make the separation of core and leaf more thorough.

4. Widening and enlarging the dust-removing screen at the bottom of the hopper, reducing the vibration frequency, making the dust-removing effect more obvious; installing screen wheel on both sides of the dust-removing screen, making the shaking of the dust-removing screen more stable and firm.

5. One side of the feed inlet of the hopper is provided with an open grain outlet for cleaning.

6. The bottom of the thresher is equipped with a lengthened double-stirring dragon dust collector to avoid the accumulation of dust, snow and other impurities in the lower part of the thresher, so as to make the working site cleaner, reduce labor intensity and save labor costs.

7. The volume of the diesel tank installed on the working platform is increased and the oil reserves are increased, which reduces the frequency of adding diesel oil and saves time and effort. The fuel tank has an oil level observer, which can keep abreast of the oil situation at any time.

8. The high and low adjusting device on the top of the hoist bracket is further improved, which makes the upper and lower adjusting of the hoist more convenient and fast.

9. The material of the rack is enlarged and thickened, making the threshing machine more stable and firm.

10, the main shaft to the right angle box triangle belt is changed to double strap, no skid, no beating, increase the service life.

11. Diesel engine uses turbocharged diesel engine with strong horsepower, high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

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